Replication Warning when replicating with replicate-ignore-db.

When trying to replicate from 5.5(Percona-Server-5.5.28-rel29.2-360.) to 5.6 (Percona-Server-5.6.22-rel71.0-726 ) and having some

The replication is giving warnings and filling up the mysql error log, even after setting and starting the mysql server with parameter slave_skip_errors = 1237

2015-03-11 09:10:49 19579 [Warning] Slave SQL: Could not execute Query event. Detailed error: Slave SQL thread ignored the query because of replicate-*-table rules; Error log throttle is enabled. This error will not be displayed for next 60 secs. It will be suppressed, Error_code: 1237

Is this a bug ? or how to get rid of this.

How to get rid of this warnings.


Can you please show us the contents of my.cnf of master & slave both to verify how replication filters are configured.

We want to do this efficiently, however we are finding that mysqldump locks the database such that the entire webapp hangs for ~15 minutes during a dump due to the size of the database.


This is not a bug. I’ve got the same situation here replicating from 5.5.27 to 5.6.21 and due to have lots of replicate-ignore-table, I’ve getting this WARNING every time a statement tries to update and ignored table through the replication (SQL_THREAD). Recently I posted a research about this on twitter, check this out:…94827566227456

If you want your log to be clean as possible, out of warning messages, configure log_warnings=1, otherwise you can keep getting this kind of warning or help from MySQL with log_warnings=2|3.

I hope it helps, cheers!!