Replication sync tool without restarting master

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I am new to this forum.
Can any one help me in the following scenarios:

  1. I have a master to slave setup of mysql running on windows
  2. Replication breaks every now and then.
  3. Every time we are configuring it with taking backup of master [with locking], then transferring to slave, restore and reset slave which will infer downtime and doing it during late night hours.
  4. Please let me know is there any way re-configure the replication in case of a failure without restarting and locking the master server database [i mean without any downtime]
  5. Any help is highly appreciated.
  6. MySQL version is 5.5 community and not enterprise one.
  7. Can this XtraBackup tool suits my requirement?

Please help.


This could be done with our percona-toolkit but only in case if you have Linux machine available.
You can read more here:

You can checksum data on master and slave by pt-table-checksum:

And sync data in case of inconsistency:

You should run tool on Linux machine and connect it with mysql servers.

Hi Mixa,

Thanks for your response.

So, is it possible to connect to mysql server on windows with the tool running on seperate linux machine? Also, please let me know about the cost for the same?


Hi Abhilash,

Yes, its possible to connect to MySQL server on windows from the Linux machine where pt-table-* utilities installed. Percona Toolkit is free and open-source. You don’t need to pay anything for that. You can simply download it and run it. Thanks.

Hi Niljoshi,

Thanks for providing the details.Let me evaluate and come back :slight_smile: