Replicate same schema from two master and insert into Slave

Hello Support ,

We are using Percona Server 5.7.14 and we want to achieve something like this:

  1. Master A has schema : Sakila
  2. Master B has schema : Sakila

Now There is a Slave C which has Schema Sakila_1 and Sakila_2.
We want to two use two channels one for Master A and one for Master B.

Please let us know what config change we need to do on Slave C (specific to replicate_rewrite_db) and multiple replication channels how we should start.


masterA.replicate-rewrite-db = sakila -> sakila_1

masterB.replicate-rewrite-db=sakila -> sakila_2

Please let us know your thoughts on this.
I was going through this blog and thought may be possible with Percona server too -

Any inputs would be appreciated.

Many Thanks,