Regarding use of swap memory for MySQL.


We have a 1 GB Linux box on which we have observed that MySQL consumes almost entire available physical memory. We increased the Swap memory from 1 GB to 3 GB hoping that MySQL will start using the swap memory along with RAM. What we observed though was that the swap memory was hardly used until the physical memory was first exhausted. Could anyone please share information related the queries that i am listing below?

  1. Is there a MySQL parameter setting whcih allows me to force MySQL to use swap memory on the Linux box?

  2. Is there a MySQL parameter setting which allows me to set the maximum memory (both RAM and swap)that can be used by MySQL server?

  3. Which are the MySQL parameters that i would have to focus on to improve MySQL memory performance?

Thanking you in advance.


this is standard behaviour.
ram is faster than swap memory, is there is no need for it, it wont swap, which is good! (btw, this is OS dependant)
memory swapping for a sql server has an enormous performance penalty.