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We have got a an xtraDB clusters deployed using percona pxc operator v1.7.0 and we have php applications which leverages the clusters, the setup works fine in general, but it throws Connection closed unexpectedly errors in our apps every now and then and it has to perform a retry for making it work as seen below:

SQL retry 'Connection closed unexpectedly' on: rooms, SELECT * FROM participants WHERE (`user_id` = 1234567443)

The clusters are using HAProxy and we are not using any custom haproxy configurations, below are the timeout values from the default configs. any idea what might be wrong here? Thanks!

      log global
      mode tcp
      retries 10
      timeout client 28800s
      timeout connect 100500
      timeout server 28800s
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Hi @Prasad_Krishnan welcome to the Percona forums!
Could you share with us the error logs from the PXC nodes? They should report where/why the connections are being disconnected
If you’re using PMM there is also the MySQL Instance Summary dashboard which has graphs for aborted connections, does this correlate with the disconnection events from your application logs?

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