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Replication Lag is just a fact of life with async-replication. We can’t stop lag, but we can help to reduce it. Many times the Seconds_Behind_Source can be very deciving, I have seen it go from 1 hour behind to 0 lag in the blink of an eye. There are many factors that can add to replica lag. Some of these are:

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Comment by Taylor Chu:

binlog_transaction_dependency_tracking = writeset should be setting on primary, not sure why this blog mentioned setting on the replica. binlog_group_commit_sync_delay helps commit on the replica as binlog enabled by default on MySQL 8.0 . If the replica disabling the binlog, it also useless.

Setting binlog_group_commit_sync_delay can increase the number of parallel committing transactions on any server that has (or might have after a failover) a replica.…

binlog_transaction_dependency_tracking specifies how the source mysqld generates the dependency information that it writes in the binary log to help replicas determine which transactions can be executed in parallel.…

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Comment by @Wayne_Leutwyler:

Thank you for your comments. I had it in my notes to address this since in this post I am using 1 replica and 1 primary. In several other cases I do writeset on replicas. These cases include where I have replicas designed to be HA/DR fail over nodes, being managed by Orchestrator for automated failover.