I’m a newly joined DBA working on mysql5.5.9 and using Xtrabackup 1.5 for Backup and Recovery process.

Actually, in our organization we used to take backup using Xtrabackup. Now the problem is this:

I’ve full backup which is scheduled using cronjob. Now,suppose i just want to recover only 1 table that is being deleted. So how can i do it???


Full backup happens at 6:00 AM daily.
At 9:00 AM, test table got dropped
At 10:00 AM, i noticed it…and now wanted to recover it

Can it be done from Full Backup???
Note:- No issues of data lost from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM

please help, i’ve to deploy particular scenario in production.

Thks :slight_smile:

Hi there,

It’s only possible if you are using xtradb or percona server.

Please take a look a this example on how to do this: odb_expand_import?redirect=1


Could you restore the full database to a temporary MySQL server then use mysqldump to export the relevant table then import it into your live server?