recoverShardingState parameter not available on percona mongodb 3.4

I’m reading the docs on how to restore a sharded cluster backup I made with hotbackup here:
Step 6 requires starting Mongodb with the parameter “recoverShardingState” set to false, however, when I attempt to pass that parameter to Percona’s mongod binary, it complains with the following error:
‘BadValue: Illegal --setParameter parameter: “recoverShardingState”’

I am at a loss on how to proceed as I am trying to restore the backup to a different cluster with different hostnames (for testing purposes) and am not able to, since mongoDB will attempt to connect to the wrong config servers.

Hello, thanks for your question. I asked the team here to take a look, and from this information:

it seems that the parameter recoverShardingState was removed.

If that’s correct, then the documentation that you are referring to at MongoDB is perhaps out of date? This MongoDB report supports that suggestion:

So, that means that the parameter won’t be supported in our software. If after adjusting your approach you are still struggling, if you could come back to me with version info, installation info (config etc), OS, any errors and perhaps the command you are using, I will see if I can get one of the tech team to help.

In case you are interested, there’s a recorded webinar here that might be of value: