RAND() Efficiency on well indexed columns

I plan on having a large table, large as in lots of rows with contain a small amount of data.

The table holds integers acting as pointers.

Let’s say the table has 10 Mil rows to start with.

The following query would be efficient:

SELECT id FROM pointers WHERE user_id=1 LIMIT 5

Out of the 10Mil rows, this user “1” has 20 stored pointers, so the PRIMARY index should be efficient at extracting the resultset.

To make sure each pointer id gets a fair amount of audience I would like to randomise the results.

How efficient is “ORDER BY RAND()” on such a query?

My guess is quite efficient, MySQL would maybe create a temp table fast with the 20 results, then randomise them?

The table gets lots of simultaneous read/writes and is innodb type engine.


If you have 20 rows matching WHERE clause only these rows would be sorted so it would not be that bad.


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