Query OK in localhost, error on ISP server.

The following query run flawlessly in localhost but produces error on ISP server:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘distinct sf_threads.views) as views, ((count(distinct sf_messages.’ at line 6

The actual behaviour here:
http://eduforums.us or

I am using the exact same database both in local and server.
Running MySQL 5 in localhost and supposedly versions 4 and 5 sopported by the ISP server.

Thanks for helping

count(distinct forums.id)-1 as schools,
count(distinct threads.id) as topics,
count(distinct messages.id) as msgs,
sum(distinct threads.views) as views,
((count(distinct messages.id) *2) +sum(distinct threads.views) ) as activity,
0 as hBarLength
FROM ((conferences
left JOIN forums ON conferences.id = forums.conferenceidfk)
left JOIN threads ONforums.id = threads.forumidfk and threads.author <> ‘admin’)
left JOIN messages ON threads.id = messages.threadidfk and messages.author <> ‘admin’
GROUP BY conferences.id

  1. There is mising space in line "left JOIN threads ONforums.id = threads.forumidfk and threads.author <> ‘admin’) " between “ON” and “forums.id”.
  2. Count with distinct syntax you are using, works in MySQL 5.x, and looks like your ISP has 4.x. Please check if it’s possible to switch you hosting account to MySQL 5.x.

Thanx very much Mikhail.
The space is OK in the real query, but you are probably right for the version issue. I will request my ISP to switch to a mySQL 5. server.