query_cache behaviour in multi-master mode for 5.6.21-70.1-56

The query_cache is now supported in 5.6 but only after starting up.

But i cannot find any reference to the node and cluster behaviour for a mult-master mode.
ie is the query_cache node or cluster specific and is there any cache invalidation across the nodes?

For 5.5 i can find information about above, but not for 5.6

any help would be appreciated as my app is currently very depended on the query_cache


The MySQL query_cache is only node specific, there is no global cluster query cache. It works in the same way as on standalone MySQL instance, and there is no need for additional cluster-wide invalidation as any writes to tables referenced by a cached query will make it invalidated, so also the writes coming from replicated write sets. I would just like to remind that query cache may be beneficial in pretty not many production cases, hence many experts recommend this tuning: http://dom.as/tech/query-cache-tuner/