Query Analytics - Sorting Queries

Is there any other way to sort the queries other than by “Top 10 of 49 Queries by % Grand Total Time (%GTT)”.

There are times I would like to see the slowest queries first for example.

Being able to click on the Load, Count or Latency headings and sort based on them would also be nice.

Not right now. But we recognize the limitation and plan fixing it in the future version

Yay:) I can beta or alpha test for U any time.

On the same idea, is it possible to add in the future query analytics per cluster? It would be nice to have an overall view from a single page

Hello abirladeanu welcome to our Forums! I’ll make sure that our Product Manager, Michael, sees your question/suggestion. THANKS!

I just thought I’d update this - it’s a great suggestion and is on the cards for a future version.

There’s no date in the plan that I can share yet. If you subscribe to receive email updates on product news, then you’ll be notified when new releases come available.