qan window example option

Hi there,
In qan window, there is an option called example. If I click on it, it says no query example. what’s the purpose of it? I found that EXPLAIN option is removed from PMM 1.0.4 to 1.0.5. Is there any option to check EXPLAIN plan in qan?


When using perfschema as a query source, a real query example (EXAMPLE tab) is not available. Thus, we hid EXPLAIN plan in that case as we can’t run explain not having a real example. It is available when using slowlog.

However, in one of the next versions (probably 1.0.6) we are planning to add query examples for perfschema and EXPLAIN should be also available.

could you please tell us when the new version will be available? Just out of curiosity.

In a week or two.

Thank you Weber for your quick response. Appreciate it.