QAN and query plan

Hi. Please help. Cant understand where I’ve mistaken. Enabled plan analytics for pg stat monitor:
pg_stat_monitor.pgsm_enable_query_plan = on
It’s even shown in pg_settings (checked by query). But in grafana shows “No plan found” in “Plan” tab of QAN section. May be some other settings should to be done? Latest Percona, Postgres ver - 16.1.
UPD Checked by “SELECT substr(query,0,50), query_plan from pg_stat_monitor limit 10;” query… Looks like plans are collecting. Why pmm shows “No plan found” then…

Hello @lanselot , what are the versions of your PMM Server and PMM agent?

Hi, Artem. Agent - 2.41.1, Server - 2.41.2


Have you checked that the query that returned the plan from your manual SELECT query is the same you are checking in the PMM QAN dashboard?

Do you see query plans empty for all of your Postgres queries in the QAN dashboard?

If you run the following in the client side, you’ll be able to get a .zip file with the logs. Check the QAN exporter logs just in case:

pmm-admin summary

as I wrote in UPD plans are collecting. Checked plans in dash… in 1 case of approximately 20 plans are shown. That’s strange.