PXC Operator Service Selector - Pod label mismatch


We have a custom labels controller to mutate pod labels with custom labels, one of such labels is pod-name which we set the dynamically generated pod name after the pod has spin up.
The controller is applied to the namespace where the PXC Operator is run and the operator pod is mutated with such labels

The service resource of PXC operator seems to get all PXC pod labels in to the service selector

This behaviour leaves the service resource with selector : pod-name with empty value. This causes a mismatch between pod labels and service selector thereby causing operator to lose endpoint and becoming unavailable.

Is there an option to let the PXC Operator ignore setting all the pod labels into service selector ?

Hey @SridharJ ,

which version of the operator are you running?

In the version 1.12 we added ignoreLabels for the Service objects:

Can you check if it helps?

Hi @Sergey_Pronin

We use PXC Operator v1.10.0

I see the new change of ingoreLabels for service objects applies to PerconaXtraDBCluster CR.
But the issue i see is with the operator pod and service itself.
Does it apply here as well ?