PXC MySQL cluster - backup to NFS storage


PXC based MySQL cluster is configured for a daily scheduled backup via PVC.
We would like to move the backup target from PVC created on cluster to NFS server.

  1. Is it possible to mount the NFS volume directly on to the MySQL container via the PXC CR yaml ?
  2. If direct mounting of NFS volume is not possible, is it possible to reference a PVC (referring a NFS based PV) created on a cluster in the cr.yaml ?

Also i read about s3 based backup option.

  1. Would the s3 based backup work for large databases ?
  2. Is it possible to specify the master node while submitting an on-demand back up ?


Hello @SridharJ
Please read our documentation for how to configure S3 backups for your PXC using our K8S operator. Yes, S3 is perfectly viable for multi-TB sized databases.