PXC DB Backup errors consistently

PXC operator logs shows the below error every 5s.
The backup cron runs every 3 days as per the schedule but these logs show up consistently

"caller":"pxcbackup/controller.go:165","msg":"invalid backup cluster","error":"wrong cluster name: my-pxc-db","errorVerbose":"wrong cluster name: my-pxc-db
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Do you have your cluster defined as ‘my-pxc-db’ in your deployment?

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Yes. It is the same name in both the places. The backup seems to be happening at the scheduled time but this error in the PXC operator log is consistent.

Is it something with PXC operator processing the reconciliation request in queue repeatedly ?

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This says you have a configuration error in your deployment. Did you change the name afterwards? You might want to scrap and redeploy.

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