PXC 8.0.27 - when inserting the data using LOAD DATA INTO TABLE - Nodes are hung

Hi there,
we have 3 node PXC 8.0.27 cluster , when inserting the data using LOAD DATA INTO TABLE.
The nodes are not responding and there in hung state.
And also data is not replicated to other nodes

Is this expected …?

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Hi @AneeshBabu,

Thank you for your question. Could you provide more information about the data you are loading? How big is the file. Table structure.

From the documentation: Percona XtraDB Cluster Limitations - Percona XtraDB Cluster

  • Maximum allowed transaction size is defined by the wsrep_max_ws_rows and wsrep_max_ws_size variables.
    LOAD DATA INFILE processing will commit every 10 000 rows. So large transactions due to LOAD DATA will be split to series of small transactions.

What is the value of those variables?


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