pt-upgrade Out of Memory

Hi all,

I’m running a test using the Percona Toolkit pt-upgrade. When i start the test the referential log has 20Megabytes size, but the tests never finish ok. Always Linux Ubuntu Server kills the test because perl has 15 gigabytes of memory taken.

I added a swap file with 30Gigabytes of size, but the test has broken again with the same error, perl consume the 94% of mememory.

I don’t know if is necesary configure some Linux’s parameter or MariaDB’s parameter.

MariaDB Version is 5.5 (5.5.42-MariaDB-1~precise-log).

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hello. I am having the same problem. This happens with any version of pt-upgrade 2.2.*. Perl is 5.16. OS is Centos7. What is the required perl version for pt-upgrade 2.2?