pt-table-sync script

Hi All,

I am working on master-slave replication.
Some how two table in slave are showing the difference when i ran pt-table-chekcsum.

The two tables which are having difference doesn’t have unique index or primary key.
i am getting follwoing error while running the table sync for one of the two tables.

Can’t make changes on the master because no unique index exists at /usr/bin/pt-table-sync line 9241.

The pt-table-sync syntax i used is listed as follows:

pt-table-sync --print --sync-to-master --no-check-trigger --no-foreign-key-checks --replicate percona.checksum h=“slave_host_name”,P=port_no,D=“DB _NAME”,t="TABLE_NAME ",u=“username”,p="password&quo t;.

later i found the option --no-check-slave can be used if no unique index are present on a table.

pt-table-sync --print --sync-to-master --no-check-trigger --no-foreign-key-checks --replicate percona.checksum --no-check-slave h=“slave_host_name”,P=port_no,D=“DB _NAME”,t="TABLE_NAME ",u=“username”,p="password&quo t;.

Can some one please help with this issue… …

Hi Magesh,

As per the documentation, “When there is no unique key on the table, there is no choice but to change the data on the slave, and pt-table-sync will detect that you’re trying to do so. It will complain and die unless you specify --no-check-slave” .html

Generally, its unsafe to make changes on slave directly but if you don’t have any other way, you have to use --no-check-slave option. Because by default, pt-table-sync will always give error when there is no unique index on table.

Have you tried to use that option? are you facing any issue with that?

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