pt-table-checksum on master with slaves behind VPN


I’m working with a master with several slaves. Some of those slaves are in a VPN and can’t be reached from the outside. The master is not in this VPN, so obviously when I run pt-table-checksum on the master the program is not able to connect to those slaves. So my question is: is it in any way possible to run pt-table-checksum and find differences on those slaves in the VPN? Will it work to run the command on a server inside this VPN and use --recursion-method option and provide DSNs with IPs inside the VPN?

Thanks in advance!


You can use --recursion-method=dsn: [url]pt-table-checksum — Percona Toolkit Documentation and put in the dsns table only the host you can access.


Hello Carlos,

Thanks for your reply. Using only --recursion-method=dsn won’t help me checksum the slaves I can’t access from the master. Luckily I already fixed the problem. The solution I found was to setup a reverse SSH tunnel from the slaves in the VPN to the master, and then use --recursion-method=dsn to connect via this tunnel.

I hope this solution will be helpful for other people facing this problem!