pt-table-checksum : Cannot connect to slave

Hi all,

I have a problem today with pt-table-checksum.

When i do pt-table-checksum on my master server, i see the following message :

Cannot connect to

So, pt-table-checksum can’t to do his job !

I use the user root for the connection (with no password)

I must create a user for pt-table-checksum ?


I create a specific user on the master AND the slave

Slave :
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON . TO ‘percona_user’@‘master_host_ip’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘PASSWD’;"

Master :
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON . TO ‘percona_user’@‘localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘PASSWD’;"

But i have now a other error :

pt-table-checksum --databases=test_stats_admin_2013 --user=percona_user --password=MyPass
Cannot connect to,p=…,u=percona_user
Cannot connect to h=slave2.
Cannot connect to,p=…,u=percona_user
Cannot connect to h=slave4.
Cannot connect to h=slave5.***.com,p=…,u=percona_user
01-15T17:11:27 Replication filters are set on these hosts:
binlog_do_db = listing of databases name
slave_skip_errors = ALL
replicate_ignore_db = mysql
replicate_do_db = listing databases name

Please read the --check-replication-filters documentation to learn how to solve this problem. at /usr/bin/pt-table-checksum line 8951.


Ok i understand for check-replication-filter. Endeed, i have any replication filter on my databases. But it’s not a problem for me so i will to use --nocheck-replication-filters ( Of course, i filter the databases on which I applied the checksum).

Come back to the “cannot connecter to h=slaveN” problem.
I am sure now that i must create a user for percona. But what are the rights that would specifically need ?


I do get the same problem message saying ‘Cannot connect to h=themachine…’ but when checking the checksums table on the machine it cannot connect I see that it must have connected and run… the ‘ts’ field in the table gets updated.

Is there a way to debug this and see in verbose mode where is trying to connect whith which user?



Running any of the tool from percona-toolkit along PTDEBUG=1 generate verbose logging.
For pt-table-checksum privileges check this