pt table checksum and pt tablesync compatibility with ROW binlog format


We are using MySQL 5.6.21 enterprise version with master slave configuration. Binlog format is ROW.

It was mentioned in one of the post that there are some compatibility issues with pt table checksum and pt tablesync tool with respect to ROW based binlog format. Can anyone please clarify regarding the same.

Hi ikonrao;

Take a look at the below link to the limitations section of pt-table-checksum:
[url]pt-table-checksum — Percona Toolkit Documentation

Basically if you only have the one slave (i,.e. Master > Slave), it should not be an issue. If you ever create a slave of your existing slave (i.e. Master > Slave > Slave), then you will run into the listed limitation on the second slave.

See the below page of the MySQL manual if you want to find out more about why the limitation exists (changing the binlog_format on the master does not affect the slave):