pt-summary cannot find config file

The following works fine,

pt-mysql-summary --config=/usr/local/mysql/my.cnf --defaults-file=/mampstack/mypercdvd.cnf --all-databases

but I get:

Configuration File

Config File | Cannot autodetect or find, giving up

Any way to get that working?


What you get’s without options ? like below.

$ pt-mysql-summary – --user=root --password=

Do not confuse Percona toolkit configuration file with MySQL .cnf.
–config is for Percona toolkit
–defaults-file and DSN F specifier is for MySQL .cnf
e.g. to connect to a DSN with the account in .cnf use

h=,P=3366,F=./pt.cnf<br>[client]<br>user = ...<br>password = ...<br>