Pt-query-digest not showing some outputs

I have been using pt-query-digest for quiet sometimes now. Currently, I found out that some of the outputs I’m seeing in my reports differs from others online and some are missing. Well, I’m currently running on mariadb 3.3.6 and pt-query-digest Version 3.3.1.
(1).All my outputs doesn’t included innodb statistics
(2). I can’t see last “errno” in my outputs
(3). I can’t see IO r bytes, IO r ops,
IO r waits ( basically INNODB)
(4). No filesorts and etc

Any reasons for this or any help

Hi @Engineer

Since you are using MariaDB you should enable the Percona extended slow log statistics which are described here:

Then you’ll see a richer output in your pt-query-digest

Thanks Michael, I just checked my log_slow_verbosity now I see it was empty. From the documentation I looks like I can set the value of this variable to many and comma separate them? I’m just trying to get the validation on that. I set my “log_slow_filter” to multiple values. Do I still need to change the log_slow_verbosity?

Hi, I suggest you set log_slow_verbosity=all and leave slow_log_filter empty to log all query types. This will provide the most info.

Thanks @Michael_Coburn each time I tried to set log_slow_verbosity = all i always get an error. Even after trying to comma split all the value for got error on explain. I tried putting comma on the explain same thing.

I’m still unable to most from the outputs of pt- query-digest tool.

Hi @Engineer

For MariaDB you should be setting:


For deeper metrics and better support in Percona Toolkit I encourage you to migrate to Percona Server for MySQL.