Pt-osc to use different storage for temporary table

While using pt-osc , is there an option or process to use for creating temporary table to different storage than current data folder of original table. Asking this in cases when we do not have enough space on current data folder. Idea is not to add more space to current datafolder but just use different storage/mount and after we are done to remove the mount with the storage?

@vdamyanov pt-osc does not create a temporary table. pt-osc creates a new table using the same engine as the original table. After the data copy process completes, the old and new tables are simply swapped via atomic table rename. If you created the new table in a different engine, yes, you could swap them via rename, but the new table would not be using the correct engine and you would need to run pt-osc once again to alter the table engine.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion…