Pt-osc adding foreign keys adds "_" and "_ _" to the foreign key names

Hi Team,

I have a query regarding Pt-osc. My question is regarding using PT-OSC to drop Foreign Key.
When i drop the First foreign key constraint on a table having 2 foreign key’s, PT-osc adds an _ to the already existing second fk, And when am adding a new FK constraint pt-osc is adding _ _ to the already existing Second Foreign key constraint.
Is this the expected behaviour form the tool? Am using the latest version of percona-toolkit.

Mohit S

Hi @Mohitsh,
Yes, pt-osc blindly adds _ as a way to prevent conflict names.

using PT-OSC to drop Foreign Key.

You don’t need PT-OSC for this. Dropping keys is a background operation since MySQL 5.6.