pt-online-schema-change with triggers before...

Hi everybody,

I’m not a expert in perl but I just want to know if pt-online-schema-change uses only AFTER triggers (bug #1270328).

In this case, could we keep our BEFORE triggers without issues?..

Thank you for your reply


I hope you got answer from Daniel (Development Team) on your Personal email. But let me paste here the details for other users.
As per Daniel,

"pt-osc was designed to be the only triggers on a table because it’s unclear if other triggers (BEFORE triggers in this case) would interfere with pt-osc or not. Since the tool is mission-critical (because it modifies data), we err strongly on the side of caution. Nonetheless, we can probably include this patch and make it an option like --allow-other-triggers.

Only problem is: atm we have no free developers. Nonetheless, I’ll keep this issue on the radar and we’ll try to return to it in the next few weeks. I’d like to think a little more about if it’s possible for existing triggers to interfere with pt-osc because it’s extremely important this tool be reliable."