Pt-online-schema-change tool will work for existing triggers for a table?

I have a table name “user” ,I have tried to do partition the table and it was having a trigger already.
When i have tried to alter the table with pt-online-schema-change.It was showing the below error.
“The table Client.user has triggers. This tool needs to create its own triggers, so the table cannot already have triggers.”
I have tried to do partition by this below way,
pt-online-schema-change --execute --user=root --password=* --host=localhost --alter “partition by range(id) (partition po values less than (963299666),partition p1 values less than (963499666),partition p2 values less than (963699666),partition p3 values less than (MAXVALUE))” D=Client,t=user
The table structure is,
CREATE TABLE user ( id int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, scrip int(11) DEFAULT NULL, entered int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’, customer varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, machine varchar(64) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, username varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL, clientversion varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL, clientsize int(11) DEFAULT NULL, priority int(11) DEFAULT NULL, description varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL, type varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, path varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, executable varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL, version varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL, size int(11) DEFAULT NULL, lenth int(11) DEFAULT NULL, windowtitle varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, string1 varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, string2 varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, text1 text, text2 text, text3 mediumtext, text4 text, servertime int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’, uuid varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, PRIMARY KEY (id), KEY sservertime (servertime,customer,machine,scrip), KEY custmach (customer,machine,servertime), KEY customer (customer,scrip,servertime), KEY machine (customer,machine,scrip,servertime), KEY servertime (servertime) ) ENGINE=InnoDB
Whether can I do partition with the existing trigger using pt-online-schema-change?
How to resolve this issue?
Can anyone give solution?