pt-online-schema-change pausing because {something}=0, bug?

I run pt-online-schema-change like this:
pt-online-schema-change --alter ‘ADD test TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci’ --charset ‘utf8’ --host ‘localhost’ --user ‘root’ --password ‘password’ --max-load wsrep_flow_control_recv=1,wsrep_local_send_queue=1 --critical-load Threads_running=400 --null-to-not-null --no-check-alter --execute --alter-foreign-keys-method none --force --statistics D=database,t=table

Comand output:

From doc for --max_load “pause if any status variables are higher than their thresholds” - nothing about zero value.

So, how use max_load with variables whitch can take zero value in normal state of db?

I look into source code and found, as i think, reason why this happend:
[PHP]if ( !$val || $val >= $self->{max_val_for}->{$var} ) {
$vals_too_high{$var} = $val;
$val - current value of status variable

Hi Artem,

Thank you for taking a time to look into the code! Assuming you’re using latest version it would be great if you can report it as a bug If you already found fix for it feel free to propose the patch!