pt-online-schema-change and nohup

Hi all,

I am using pt-online-schema-change and running it with a nohup. The change is a long one - 40 hours, so needs protecting with a nohup command. I maybe doing some wrong but when I run the following and lose my session it fails:

nohup pt-online-schema-change -u root --chunk-size-limit=0 --chunk-size=1000000 --max-load=Threads_running=100 --max-lag=6000 --statistics --recursion-method=none --set-vars lock_wait_timeout=1800 --execute --alter=“ADD COLUMN suetest_col101 int” D=suetest,t=suetest,u=root &

2 software updates are available:

* Security vulnerability. See The current version for MySQL Community Server (GPL) is 5.5.32.

* The current version for Percona::Toolkit is 2.2.4.

Operation, tries, wait:
copy_rows, 10, 0.25
create_triggers, 10, 1
drop_triggers, 10, 1
swap_tables, 10, 1
update_foreign_keys, 10, 1
Altering suetest.suetest
Creating new table…
Created new table suetest._suetest_new OK.
Altering new table…
Altered suetest._suetest_new OK.
Creating triggers…
Created triggers OK.
Copying approximately 14464903 rows…

Exiting on SIGHUP.

Not dropping triggers because the tool was interrupted. To drop the triggers, execute:
DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS suetest.pt_osc_suetest_suetest_del;
DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS suetest.pt_osc_suetest_suetest_upd;
DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS suetest.pt_osc_suetest_suetest_ins;
Not dropping the new table suetest._suetest_new because the tool was interrupted. To drop the new table, execute:
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS suetest._suetest_new;

Event Count

====== =====


suetest.suetest was not altered.

Thanks for looking.

Did you try using screen (& nohup), you might have some different results here without having to drop the session?