pt-online-schema-change and bin-log

First of all sorry if this topic has been discussed before. I’m new to this forum (my first post) and cannot find a forum search.

Background: I have MySQL setup as 2 Master-Slave nodes, with the masters having circular replication. Every month I archive some big tables (6-270M) to 1. Increase performance 2. free some space on disks. This is done by first deleting the data and then altering the engine to free up the unused space by innodb. For safety purposes during delete/alter I disable the bin-log so the operation happens only on that node. The reason being that if something goes south, only the node will be broken and not the whole cluster. For this purpose I use the following for ex.

mysql -uroot -D $1 -Nbse "
set sql_log_bin = 0; <====This prevent the delete/alter from being replicated to other nodes

Current Scenario: I discovered pt-online-schema-change and I must say I love it. I’ve tested it in a lab and it just works well for small and big datasets alike

Question: Would I be able to use pt-online-schema-change while forcing the change to happen on that node only?