Pstress build problem

I want to make a stress test for Percona MySQL 5.7. and want to use pstress
Couldn’t fined a well documented guide how to install pstress. Using github one :

pstress/ at master · Percona-QA/pstress · GitHub


  1. installed cmake version 3.16.3 and g++ (Ubuntu 9.4.0-1ubuntu1~20.04.1) 9.4.0
  2. then created directory /etc/pstress.
  3. run cmake with the required options - cmake . -DPERCONACLUSTER=ON -DBASEDIR=/data but I don’t have CMakeLists.txt in this directory.
>locate CMakeLists.txt

how should I proceed ?

Hello @Ani_Ghoghoberidze,
Did you actually download the pstress code to you environment? I don’t see those steps above. Please provide your entire process, all commands and output.

@matthewb that’s why I created a topic here - I couldn’t find an exact commands for installing pstress. All the steps what I’ve done, are here - installed cmake and g++ successfully , as was written in github readme …
tried with sudo apt install pstress but as it seems, it’s not a correct way

Hello @Ani_Ghoghoberidze,
there is a bit of common understanding that in order to compile software you must actually download the source code. It does not appear you did that. If you are not familiar with git/github, I would suggest doing some tutorials on how to pull code from github and compile basic programs.
pstress is an internal tool at Percona. If you want something that is read out-of-box, a simple installer, I would recommend using sysbench. You should be able to apt install sysbench. There are many blogs/posts about getting started with sysbench.

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