PS-6961 Event Scheduler memory leaks


We are going to use Events mechanism in our system but we found that there are memory leaks in event scheduler:

We are currently using Percona 5.7.23-23-57 and If i understand correctly, this bug has been fixed in Percona Server 5.7.30-33. The problem is that it was not mentioned in any of the release notes.
This bug is also related to MySQL bug:
but there is no bug with that id.

Now we don’t know if this bug was fixed or not, and therefore we can’t use events if the bug still exists.
Can anyone confirm that this bug was fixed and in which version of Percona Server?

Thanks for help

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Yes, the upstream bug report was made private hence we cannot see details and no release notes about it.
However, as confirmed in the last comment in PS bug page, the fix was implemented as of 5.7.30 (both MySQL and PS).


Thanks for the answer, Przemek!

To dobra wiadomość :slight_smile:

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