ProxySQL2 no servers after restart

Don’t know if this is suposed to be so but after rebooting the server, proxysql2 has no servers in it’s runtime_mysql_servers.
Have to execute load mysql servers to runtime after every reboot to get it working again.

Any way to get around this behaviour?

once you make changes to the mysql_servers tables you need to save them to disk.

So if you add say 3 new servers you would want to do the following:

save mysql servers to disk;
load mysql servers to runtime;

Since you saved the servers to disk you will have them in the runtime table on restart.

This is true for any changes you make to the tables that sit in memory. You need to save them to disk so that it can be loaded when the service restarts.

@A.Wormuth , Wayne is correct. It sounds like you have not persisted the changes to disk. Once you do this, they will auto-load into runtime on restart.