Progress of xtrabackup backup and restore

Hi, We have MySQL server 5.7 and hence xtrabackup 2.4 version supports it.
I would like to check the progress of the backup and restore process when using xtrabackup command. Any such feature percona has? I didn’t find it in any of the documents.

Hi @shrishail

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have such a capability. We have a JIRA issue to track this [PXB-2938] create --progress capability - Percona JIRA . You can vote and subscribe to get updates on its progress.

Hi @shrishail,
there is no progress meter in PXB but you always get it indirectly from Linux with:

cat /proc/$(pidof xtrabackup)/io
rchar: 675943186
wchar: 79610827
syscr: 2381686
syscw: 595236
read_bytes: 676301074
write_bytes: 630783381
cancelled_write_bytes: 0

If you know the size of dataset you have (minus binlog files), you can easily guess from rchar how much remains.


Thanks for the suggestions. Sure, I will take a look into rchar part.
We tried to use pipe viewer utility but it seems, not working correctly.

@yves.trudeau , We have found a way to show progress using pv utility. We can see progress now.