PROCESSLIST_INFO column of performance_schema.threads on v5.7.35


I have updated a MySQL instance from 5.7.33 to 5.7.35.

On 5.7.33, using MySQL Workbench I could check the current sessions and Workbench did show the last query that session ran (or was running if it had not finished yet). After the update, Workbench no longer shows such information, but instead shows “NULL” if that sessions was not running a query (same behavior as SHOW PROCESSLIST).

After investigation and checking the queries used by Workbench to get such information from performance_schema, I see that the column PROCESSLIST_INFO of the table performance_schema.threads is NULL unless a query is being processed at the time I query the table on v5.7.35 but It does have the last query ran on v5.7.33.

I have not been able to find any mention about this on the release notes (MySQL :: MySQL 5.7 Release Notes :: Preface and Legal Notices) so I dont know why nor when that changed.

Is it possible to restore the behavior of performance_schema.threads PROCESSLIST_INFO column from v5.7.33 to v5.7.35?

Thanks in advance.