Problems On MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.1 Please Help Me..

Respected To All,

I have downloded new version
of MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.1 as 30 days trail version, Install it.
I see a prebundlesd mysql 5.1.37 enterprise commercial pro edition that enterprise monitor monitoring.When i go MySQL enterprise dash moniotr only prebundled MySQL server.But i have delete this server from Settings–> Manage Server -->delete section.
Now Monitor Zero Host Out of 32 Host Monitoring…So How i manage New server.I can’t do it.I am trying it atleast 10 Hours.i read MySQL enterprise manual.Even I post this same thing in MySQL Enterprise Manager forum.yet i can’t do it.Nobody can;t Reply this
Please Please Please Help.How I Manage A New Server.
Please Help Me …or mail nayan.paul[at]


I can’t help you. Please read