Problem starting joiner


I’ve cluster running on mysql 8 on 3 nodes.

I’ve 2 nodes down. i powered of the 2 nodes normally
service mysql stop

And now i’ve only one server working. i try to do any select,update queries to database but it give the below error on the working node:
mysql server has gone away

Now when i try to start mysql again on powered off nodes i’ve the below error:
2022-06-29T12:41:10.484226Z 0 [Warning] [MY-000000] [Galera] Member 0.0 (db02) requested state transfer from ‘any’, but it is impossible to select State Transfer donor: Resource temporarily unavailable

Attached the full log of both servers. The working one and the one need to join

Please Help !

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You must always bootstrap the very first node when you start a cluster. systemctl start mysql@bootstrap This will create a working cluster of 1 node. Make sure queries work here. Then start node2, then start node3. Do not start node2 and node3 at the same time. Wait for node2 to completely come online before starting node3.

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Thank you
Problem solved

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