Problem getting data back from MySQL

Maybe I will stumble upon my problem again today but I am pretty stumped on this one. I have a series of “textareas” that writes fine to my DB…but it fails to display in my .php file. Here is a snippet of code:

if($row[‘Collab’] == “”){echo"


$Collab[$i] = $row[‘Collab’];echo"



And the from the _db file:

$Collab = $_POST[Collab];
$Other = $_POST[Other];
$Misc = $_POST[Misc];
$Backup = $_POST[Backup];
$dateString = $year."-".$month."-".$day;

mysql_query(“UPDATE $table SET month=’$month’,day=’$day’,year=’$year’,LT=’$LT’,ST =’$ST’,HMT=’$HMT’,Sick=’$Sick’,Annual=’$Annual’,Comp =’$Comp’,OT=’$OT’,AFD=’$AFD’,CCF=’$CCF’,ZFP=’$ZFP’, ZON=’$ZON’,PFM=’$PFM’,AFM=’$AFM’,HWO=’$HWO’,FWF=’$F WF’,FWL=’$FWL’,RFI=’$RFI’,RFD=’$RFD’,WXStory=’$WXSto ry’,RWSKS=’$RWSKS’,SendNDFD=’$SendNDFD’,EXT=’$EXT’,Co llab=’$Collab’,WSR=’$WSR’,AWIPS=’$AWIPS’,Other=’$Othe r’,Misc=’$Misc’,Backup=’$Backup’ WHERE date=’$dateString’”) or die (mysql_error());

I have several other “text” boxes that work fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

Problem solved. Had to rearrange some things in my html/php code.