Point application to a dDatabase Cluster

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I’m new here.
I have set up a 3-Node XtraDB cluster in AWS Ec2 using the documentation provided by Percona. Everything is working great. I need to point my application to a database. What is the easiest way to do it? I’m confused after looked at several solutions. can I use HAProxy ? or ProxySQL ?
I need to distribute the request to all nodes depending on traffic. Also, can we monitor clusters in Mysql Workbench? or PMM is the only way to monitor cluster?
What is the simplest way to achieve this, preferably one with a good step-by-step guide .


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You can use both HAProxy and ProxySQL with Percona XtraDB Cluster. The latter is much more than a simple load balancer though, there are many features you can use here, including routing reads and writes transparently to separate backends, cache query results or even rewrite queries on the fly. You will find more details here:

Mysql Workbench is not aware of this replication type, so you would be limited to monitoring only basic MySQL aspects. PMM has dedicated dashboards for PXC, check it out on our live demo:

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