PMM's PostgreSQL Connections Graphs show No Data Points


PostgreSQL Instances Overview
Top 5 PostgreSQL Connections & Top 5 Active Connections - both Graphs show No Data.

When i modify the Query being referenced by both graphs, and remove the “|” from: datname!~“template.*|postgres”

Only then data-points show up and the graph displays the proper metrics/graph.


PMM: Version: 2.41.0
PostgreSQL: psql (16.1)


No logs that i can find showing the issue…

Expected Result:

I should have data points being displayed to show my Active Sessions etc…

@thomasbaran, It looks like you have only one DB server and default databases.
As we exclude the postgres default database from statistics.

Thank you @Roma_Novikov for the reply!

Is there a way to include the default schema/database of “postgres”?

Or the assumption is folks wouldn’t be using the postgres schema/database…

@thomasbaran, you can modify the dashboard and save it separately.
We had this assumption about the Postgres database, and since there is an increased number of such questions, we will review/revisit this with our experts.