PMM2 update issue

Hi Expert,

Currently we have PMM1.17,1 installed using docker on our test environment . so now we are planning to update PMM2.2 , so while updating i am facing below issues

1 > chown: invalid user: ‘mysql:mysql’ while restoring pmm-data backup
2 > after updating pmm2 its still showing 1.17.1 version on pmm GUI tool

I tried below steps to update pmm2.2

docker stop pmm-server

docker cp pmm-data:/opt/prometheus/data opt/prometheus/
docker cp pmm-data:/opt/consul-data opt/
docker cp pmm-data:/var/lib/mysql /root/pmm-data-backup/var/lib/
docker cp pmm-data:/var/lib/grafana /root/pmm-data-backup/var/lib/

docker rename pmm-server pmm-server-backup
docker rename pmm-data pmm-data-backup

docker create -v /opt/prometheus/data -v /opt/consul-data -v /var/lib/mysql -v /var/lib/grafana --name pmm-data percona/pmm-server:2.2 /bin/true

docker cp /opt/prometheus/data pmm-data:/opt/prometheus/
docker cp /opt/consul-data pmm-data:/opt/
docker cp /root/pmm-data-backup/var/lib/mysql pmm-data:/var/lib/
docker cp /root/pmm-data-backup/var/lib/grafana pmm-data:/var/lib/

docker run --rm --volumes-from pmm-data -it percona/pmm-server:2.2 chown -R pmm:pmm /opt/prometheus/data /opt/consul-data
docker run --rm --volumes-from pmm-data -it percona/pmm-server:2.2 chown -R grafana:grafana /var/lib/grafana

docker run --rm --volumes-from pmm-data -it percona/pmm-server:2.2 chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql

Here only i am getting error chown: invalid user: ‘mysql:mysql’)

docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 --volumes-from pmm-data --name pmm-server --restart always percona/pmm-server:2.2

Please help me out to resolve this issue.


Is it possible to upgrade from pmm1 to pmm2

Unfortunately there Is now way to update from pmm1 to pmm2 with save data.
In pmm2 there is a different data storage model. So there are no way to migrate. You need to setup new pmm-server and use it from scratch.