PMM V1.x - End of Life ?

I would like to know if PMM v1 is considered a dead end product line. I realize that we should switch to the 2.x code but at the moment I need to redo the current PMM servers that run on 1.x with the minimal amount of work. 


No, not EoL, in fact for some users it is still the optimal solution. So don’t switch until ready!
Here’s a link, if you scroll down to Percona Tools you’ll see PMM 1 is still active, and updates are still being released when needed. 

As @“lorraine.pocklington” said, it’s not dead but we are not doing any active new feature development on that version, however, we continue to fix critical bugs and ensure it conforms to our supported platforms matrix (Ubuntu 20.04 support is only a week or two away).  We’ve made huge strides on PMM2 but still do not have all the functionality ported over (several big steps forward should show up in 2.6 and 2.7) to even begin the process of winding down support so rest assured, you’ve got time!

Thanks for the great replies. For now we will stay on 1.x, and setup a test 2.x instance. - joe gibbs