PMM Server 1.x - Automating Adding Nodes via the Web Interface (but without using the web interface)

I am struggling to find any documentation on how PMM 1.x server internally configures exporters for remote database instances. I need to automate adding remote instances.

Looking through the container, it looks like this is done using pmm-managed, but documentation on the process, as invoked via the web front end, is a bit scarce.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or provide a few lines of summary regarding how this hangs together?

Hi, may I suggest you check out PMM 2.x? Percona Monitoring and Management should be what you need I think

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I find I prefer PMM 1.x, some of the dashboards, particularly Query Analytics, I find to be more informative and helpful than they are in PMM 2.x.

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I see. In that case maybe this blog post helps:

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