Pmm sending MongoDB service down on regular basis

Need help to resolve the MongoDB service Down issue in PMM.
Here is the alert settings: up{service_name=“.*”, service_type=“mongodb”} == bool 0
We are hitting the alert on regular basis for different clusters. Same time we are getting a gap in grafana.

The mongodb itself has no issues. The pmm-agent service looks good. No error/warn. messages in the agent log file. The pmm-admin list shows that the services are up and running.

We have a workaround here with pmm-agent restart.
service pmm-agent restart.

Agent version: 2.33
Server version: 2.33


Please, could you advise on this case ?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Andrei,

Welcome to Percona Community !!!
We recommend to upgrade PMM server and client to latest 2.40.1 version which has let of improvements and bugs fixes.
If you still face issue post upgrade, do let us know.


Sure. We have this task in our queue. I will come back once we upgrade and validate everything.
Thank you.

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for the update.

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@Parag_Bhayani Hello,
After upgrade from 2.33 to 2.41 we are facing issue with the alert notifications

Perhaps, you can advise on that issue.
Thank you in advance.

@Parag_Bhayani Pl, disregard. redo upgrade with [unified_alerting] enabled and it works fine now.
Will let you know if we still have connectivity issue between agent and server.