PMM-QAN MongoDB Explain not working for Aggregation queries

Hi Team,

We are using PMM2-client version 2.32.0
PMM-Server version 2.30.0

We have enabled Database Profiling and added MongoDB service. The queries are getting captured.

But, the problem is whenever there is a query which uses Aggregation function, Explain is not working.
We see an error “Cannot explain this type of query”.

Is that a limitation with PMM? Please clarify.

Thank you

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Hi Kiran, thanks for notice this. We have also two another reports related to this. Right now, its limitation in QAN for MongoDB. I created ticket: [PMM-11185] QAN: Mongo explain doesnt work for queries with aggregation. - Percona JIRA to improve explain and make it work for queries with aggregation. You can add yourself as a watcher of this ticket to dont miss updates on it. Thank you.

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