PMM data source recommendation for MariaDB


In PMM docs I have noticed that data source recommendation for MariaDB 10.0+ is Performance schema.

As I can see MariaDB supports extended log statistics like Percona which is why it is confusing for me that for Percona recommend data source is slow log and for MariaDB Performance Schema.

Is there a reason for this or maybe documentation is little obsolete on this subject?

Thank you for the info

HI, I believe some of the extended stats are implemented with a different name from Percona so that may be where the recommendation comes from. You are welcome to try both options and let us know if notice any issues!

Hi Ivan,
Thank you for the comment. I will do the test and comparison.
Also, I don’t expect issues just was curios is there a reason why you consider Performance Schema better data source for QAN in compare to Slow Log which is recommended for Percona.

Best regards,

@msutic, please let us know about your test results.
One of the reasons from our side to go with Performance schema for MariaDB is to have tests and verified sources. For now, we cannot constantly test extended slow logs versions for MariaDB.

Thank you. I will share results with you when when I do comparison.

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