Pmm-client PG replication lag and patroni metrics

Enabled monitoring pmm-client and install pmm-server for test.
I do not see any metrics about PG replication, such as lag.
As well as metrics that relate to patroni.

Are they really not? I want to see the replication lag.
Is it configurable somehow?
How to fix it?

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It is not possible to configure replication lag for nodes with the Operator yet. What would be your requirements here? We have it in our roadmap and it would be cool to understand the set of problems you want to solve with this.

As for monitoring - let me check with our PG experts if we have anything. @Umair_Shahid @Charly_Batista - is it possible to monitor replication lag in PMM?

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is it possible to monitor postgresql replication lag in PMM?

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From what I got from our experts - it is not possible right now.

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Hi @Sergey_Pronin ,

Is it possible now to check the PostgreSQL Replication Lag ? I could see the metrics, but data is not being populating. Do we need to enable any collector? Is there a solution for this issue, aside from custom queries?

@Asuwini_P, is this some default or customized dashboard?
Filtering and grouping by node_name should not be used in this case; its service_name should be there. Try to replace it.
I’ve checked our PMM demo (Grafana ) and the metrics present; we don’t have any PG replication on the Depo server for now.
Please check what version of PMM Client you use.

Hi @Roma_Novikov

Thank you for your response,

It is customized dashboard, but the exporters are the same. I am using percona postgres_exporter

I have replaced with service_name as well. Only I can see the monitored node(pmm-server) service name.

PMM Version : 2.37.1 (latest)

@Asuwini_P , are you using the exporter separately or as a part of the pmm-client component?
As the mentioned metric is a part of our customization on top of the community version.

@Roma_Novikov , I am using pmm postgresql exporter