PMM Client Causes Our Mysql Server was Down

Hi Team,

I am Running PMM-Server with Docker and Our Mysql Server running in Azure VM. Everything working fine and data is collected smoothly. But We are spacing issues with Mysql Server isn’t responding due to PMM Client exporter. While issues open, we checked everything and it’s working fine. Even Mysql it self is working fine and also our APP Server didn’t through any error with Mysql. But while connect the Mysql Server it isn’t responding. After several debugging we found in pmm-mysql-metrics-XXXX.log. Please find the Attachment file for reference. ​​​​​​Screen_1 file shows Mysql_Server stating to not Responding. And we manually killed PMM Client Metrics workers and Mysql Started Working(Screen_3).

Our Open files limit of PMM Client(Both Mysqld_exported & node_exporter) PID:

Our Open files Limit of Mysql-Server PID:

Prometheus Data Dashboard while Issue:

How can we fix this issue. We experienced 3 times and we removed PMM Client for that Mysql Instance and also we are scared about other Mysql Servers. Please check and give some suggestions